Our layout and venue.

    At the Group's christmas dinner in December 2014 Martin Howard of "Martin's Models" told us that he was retiring and he offered us his portable layout for a very reasonable price. A vote was taken at the meeting and it was agreed that we should buy it and Dave Dowling agreed to sort out a venue where it could be kept.


    The Group members are spread over a large area and Castle Caereinion Community Hall is fairly central so it was decided to use that venue for storing the layout and for erecting it on a monthly basis during the winter months - and now summer also.  The venue is perfect as all the facilities are on one level which is suitable for visitors of all abilities and we can store everything we need on site ready for erection each month.


    Since we first started we have completely changed the layout by extending it considerably and we now have two circuits and run all types of trains... battery, track electric, clockwork and live steam. We have a passing loop on each line. We also have four sidings where trains can be prepared for running.


   The entry cost is £6 for adults, children are free. Tea/coffee and biscuits are available all day included in the entrance fee.  We also encourage local residents to visit free of charge.


    There is a For Sale area where visitors can display items they wish to dispose of or, conversley, add to their collection.  There is plenty of space for other layouts and stalls and we are quite happy for other gauges to be represented in the Hall.


    All are welcome at the meetings. Dates can be found on the calendar page.


    There are also regular group newsletters.